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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up next: Illinois

I will be traveling to Chicago in one month for the Half on July 22.  Details here.  That is more than enough time to recover from this past weekend and train for a good race.  I'm excited.  Technically, this will be my first time seeing Chicago.  I say technically because last time I visited was for two hours and I was stuck in a conference room the entire time.  I landed, cabbed it to the office, walked in, had an interview, walked out, cabbed it to the airport, and went home.  I think we can all agree that's not really a visit to see Chicago.  So, I will consider this my first.

A nice bonus to visiting Chicago for this Half is I also get to see my good friend Amanda.  She's pretty great.  She has an infectious laugh and the best accent ever.  If you ever meet her, ask her to say "apple."  You won't regret it.  She and I used to work together when we both lived in Cleveland.  We were cube neighbors.  That accounted for my not getting a whole lot of work done.  She's a chatty, spunky redhead who took a a big leap in leaving the comforts of home to move to the big city.  I was very proud of her because it wasn't the easiest decision to make.  I'm excited to see her and have her as my tour guide.

I'll blog between now and then as I'm looking to purchase a bike for some cross training.  If I do, pics will be posted. 

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