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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Up Next: Louisiana

Hello blog world!  After a little break from the blog and marathoning I thought it would be good to give a quick update.

I decided to take January off to recover a bit and quite honestly just to relax. But, training is back in full swing for my upcoming Half.  I'll be flying to New Orleans on February 22 for the Rock n Roll Half taking place on the 24th. This is my second time to this city and I'm quite excited.  I love this town.  The first time I visited was for my good friend Doug's wedding (same Doug I ran the Albuquerque Half with) and this time I'll be joined by my friend Bill and sister Maria.  Bill's a funny/fun guy.  I will let the pictures from the weekend speak for themselves. It'll be interesting to say the least.  You'll see.  And of course any trip with my sister Maria is always fun.  We'll be staying a couple days after the race to enjoy the city which is a plan I've never done before.

Training has been going well.  I was in Cleveland for a few days for work and got a couple training runs in with Bill to see if we could set a good pace.  This is his second Half and he's aiming to break 1:50 (the time of his first Half).  I think he's got it.  We did an 8-mile and 3-mile run (both with cold and icy conditions) and ran at roughly an 8 minute pace.

We'll be staying in the French Quarter not far from the start line.  I'll be arriving early Friday to pick up packets and get settled in.  As always, you can expect photos from start to finish.  By start I mean the minute I touch down with the "Welcome to New Orleans" sign all the way to the finish line with fun photos of the trip in between.