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50 State Challenge Map
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Up Next: Washington

I'll be traveling to Seattle the weekend of June 22 to run the Rock n Roll Half there.  Like many of the states I've traveled to this will be a first time visit for me.  I've heard nothing but great things about Seattle so I'm excited for this one. 

A bonus is I have my friend Liz there who'll be meeting up with me.  So that'll be fun. 

More details to come as June 22 approaches.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Massachusetts race day

It was a fun weekend in Boston capped by a great Half marathon yesterday.  I wanted to make it to the start a little early to see the tribute to the Boston Marathon bombing but the bus I was to take ran late.  Needless to say I started the morning a little perturbed by that.  I managed to make it to the tail end of the bagpipers performing Amazing Grace followed by the customary National Anthem.  It was very nice.

Race day was cloudy with a light drizzle but overall not bad.  Temps were cool and the course not hilly.  One of the best parts of the course was seeing it lined with police officers.  These were officers not there to direct traffic or work crowd control.  They were there to cheer on the runners and provide their support.  It was cool as in every runner participating was there to do the exact same for them.

A real nice surprise was bumping into my good friend Jeanette who happened to be in Boston with her boyfriend.  She showed up ready to cheer with a sign and all.  And when I say she was loud .. I mean she was LOUD.  She was great.  I caught her at two cheering posts and both times gave me a good burst of adrenaline.

I finished in 1:42:40.  I'm happy with that time but want to get back into the 1:35 range.  I'm working on it.

Up next:  Washington (Seattle) 

Race start

Runners approaching finish (of course that's when the sun decided to come out)

Finished in 1:42:40

Post race lunch at Villa Francesca in North End

Sausages .. delicious

Cannoli time

Jeanette in front of Mike's Pastry

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boston's Freedom Trail

It was a fun day seeing the historic sites of Boston.  I walked the Freedom Trail and it basically takes you through the history of the American Revolution as it began in Boston.  I was also able to see parts of Boston Common, Beacon Hill, North End, and Charlestown. Luckily it never got worse than a light drizzle throughout the day allowing me to get through the entire trail.

It's time to rest the legs (tired from all the walking) for tomorrow's Half.  A blog update coming tomorrow with race day pics and details.

George Washington

Walking to the start of the Trail

The bar that inspired Cheers

Boston Marathon bombing memorial at Copley Square

Walking to Beacon Hill

If you've ever seen the movie Glory than you should know who this is.

Burial site of John Hancock

Burial site of Samuel Adams.

Ever wonder where the tale of Mother Goose came from?  Well, here she is.

Burial site of Paul Revere.

Revere grave (one above this is a monument to him)

King's Chapel, first Unitarian Church of the United States

The oldest pulpit in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin

Fitting considering this is Memorial Day weekend

Old State House

The Governor's Office

Hancock's coat

Balcony from which the Governor of Massachusetts spoke

Home of Paul Revere

Revere's neighborhood in North End

Ever see The Towne?

Site of the Battle of Bunker Hill