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50 State Challenge Map
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Up next: North Carolina

I just got back to DC and already looking ahead to my trip to the Outer Banks for my next race.  Maybe it's the 30 degrees and rain that greeted me when I landed that's got me thinking of some beach time for this race.  It's looking pretty good.  I'm signed up for the Flying Pirate Half Marathon on April 14.

I don't have a race set for March yet but am looking into changing that.  If I do I'll post an update.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Orleans race day - Day 3

After two days of clouds and sporadic rain, it was clear and sunny yesterday making it a great day for a half marathon.

The course was good as it was flat the entire way and took you around the city and through the French Quarter.  As with most of my races, the nerves set in just before the start.  However, this time the nerves were the result of a little over two months since my last race in Annapolis.  All last year no more than a month went by between races.  So naturally I was a little curious to see how I'd do in my first race back.  I was able to find a good stride early on and kept it for a 7:41 pace.  I ended placing 427 out of 9,257.  My 5K time was 24:22, 10K: 47:36, and 10 mile at 1:16:38.

There was a little bit of concern after I crossed the finish.  My good friend Mike was monitoring Bill and myself online and never saw Bill pass the 5K mark.  The theories of what may have happened to began swirling and I even went to the medical tent to see if anyone was picked up before the 5K mark.  But, in the end he was just fine and I lost all opportunity for some great jabs.  It ended up being a technical malfunction with his chip.

So on that note, the answer to the question that's been pondering Bill and I for months:

My finish time:      01:40:38

Bill's finish time:   01:53:32

A great race, buddy.

Heading to the start

Rock n Roll Series knows how to treat its runners

This is just awesome

Bloody Mary time at Cafe Ole

The first of three Hurricanes (you read that right .. three)

A New Orleans creole dinner

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Orleans Day 2

A good second day seeing more of New Orleans.  We took advantage of the trolley to get around the city, stopping at Audubon Park and then Mahony's for lunch.  Walking back to the apartment we passed by the famous Bourbon Street to see Saturday night get started.  It was entertaining.

We're relaxing now as we have to be up at 5:30 to get ready and head over to the start line.  Race starts at 7 am.  Race day pics will be up tomorrow.  So will the answer to the question that's been on my mind for months ... who will cross that finish line first?  Bill or me?

We'll all know tomorrow.

Trolley time

Bill and Destiny

Maria and Rich

Lots and lots of beads

Mahony's for lunch

"Dirty" fries

Roast turkey with provolone and gravy

Mighty Mississippi

Bourbon Street

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Orleans arrival

Pilot having a chat with a passenger entering the plane:  It's going to be a bumpy ride over New Orleans due to weather but it'll be nothing like that movie Flight (a little laughter)

Passenger:  I sure hope not.

Twenty minutes later the copilot makes an announcement that a passenger has questioned the sobriety of the Captain.  Yes.  I'm not kidding.  This means an investigation must be done which may take upwards to an hour.  If they find reason to uphold the passenger's complaint, three hours until we get a new flight crew.  Not the best way to start New Orleans.

Fortunately, all turned out well and we got underway.  I arrived in New Orleans and met up with Bill before heading to the apartment where Maria and Rich were already waiting for us.  We headed over the Convention Center to pick up our packets and then headed to lunch.

It was a good first day.  We'll see a bit more of the city tomorrow and then it's race day on Sunday.

 Bill and Destiny as we walk to the apartment

Our home for the next five days

Maria and Bill in the living room

Dining room

Brand new kitchen

Heading to the famous Cafe Du Monde


Flanagan's Pub for dinner

I just thought this was pretty cool

A classic New Orleans dish of shrimp creole