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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Five days to New Orleans

I finished my last long run today before heading to New Orleans on Friday.  10 miles in 1:13.  I think most of my speed on this run came from the fact that it is bitter cold in DC today, topping at 25 when I headed out.  I wanted to get this one over as quick as possible.  I'm feeling good.  However, I'll admit I have not been training well, skipping some training runs and not keeping to schedule.  My posture right now certainly isn't one to get me to the elusive 1:30 Half.  I've indulged in some time off since Annapolis but am working to get back to my 1:30s Half time.

I've also been keeping tabs on Bill and his progress as he trains for this Half.  Remember, it's his first in years.  I gotta say, I think this is going to be close.  He finished 11 miles today in 1:32.  Not bad considering it was 19 degrees in Cleveland today.  I'm certainly looking forward to running this one with Bill as I'm feeling a little "friendly" competition.  That's always nice. 

It's on, Bill.

Other than that all is set for a Friday departure.  I'll be meeting Maria at the apartment we're renting and then wait for Bill to arrive before heading to the Expo to pick up our packets.  Going to get that out of the way early before checking out the city. 

I'm seeing low 70s for this upcoming weekend.  Great for visiting.  A bit high for running.  Regardless, it's going to be nice to get a quick break from this winter. 

I'll be updating every night with pics from each day and of course come race day.  This is the longest trip I've ever taken for a Half (Friday - Tuesday) so good for extra posts as I get back into some blogging.

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