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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock Encore II

I remember being surprised last year when my friends at the Rock n Roll Series sent me my first Heavy Medal for completing two RnR races in a year.  I would later receive three more. 

I had almost forgotten about this when yesterday I received another Rock Encore medal in the mail for completing two races in 2013.  A very nice gesture and I'm looking forward to others as I've got five RnR races scheduled for this year.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Up next: Maine

I've decided to take July off as I've got some vacation time coming up and will be away during the month.  I was tempted to try to squeeze in a Vermont race but decided to hold off.  I'll use this time to work on some speed training to see if I can improve upon my 1:47 from Seattle.

The race I will be running in August is the Blueberry Cove Half Marathon.  It's in Tenants Harbor, Maine.  The description sounds as though it'll be a picturesque route .. "roads with views of the ocean crashing against the beaches and rocky shorelines, and houses here and there ...  runners pass near the fishing boats of Port Clyde and get to see the Marshall Point Light House (made famous by Tom Hanks's run in 'Forrest Gump.')"  I won't lie.  The Forrest Gump scene may have sold me on this race.  It's going to be nice.

My sister Maria will be joining me on this trip.  Part of the weekend will include some whale watching so it's going to be a fun weekend.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Seattle race day

You really couldn't ask for a better day for a marathon. Yesterday morning provided sunny skies and mild temperatures with great Seattle views along the route.  

I wish I could say I broke the 1:40s that have been a constant over my last few races.  However, I finished in 1:47:36 placing 795 overall (12,367 runners).  My 5K came in at 24:09, 10K 47:47, and 10 mile at 1:19:07.  My pace finished at 8:13.  In the end I believe the hills got the better of me.  I'll keep pushing to get back into the 1:30 range over my next four races for 2013.  

After the race I met my good friend Liz for lunch at Ray's Boathouse before heading to the waterfront downtown for the Locks Cruise, a cruise that connects the Puget Sound and Lake Union via the Hiram Chittenden Locks.  Again, the weather was perfect to get out on the water and snap some nice pics.  At the end of the day we were able to catch a gorgeous sunset before dinner.  

This was a great race weekend in Seattle.  Big thanks to my friend Liz for showing me around.  

Up next:  Maine.

Heading to the start line

Finish line where my phone conveniently decided to die before I could get in the shot

View for lunch at Ray's Boathouse

Me with my friend Liz

At Pier 57 before boarding our cruise

Sun setting

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seattle day one

Day one in Seattle started a bit cloudy but quickly cleared up.  Aside from my required packet pickup, my day consisted of an early start to see the sites.

They included Pikes Market, the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, Underground Tour, Pier 50, and of course Serious Pie.  It was a good day capped by seeing my friend Liz for dinner.  I will let my pictures do the talking.  Today (Saturday) was race day.  Race day pics and stats will be up later.

Opened in 1907.  They still use keys.  Yes .. keys.

I waited for 20 minutes to see some flying fish.  No fish were tossed.

Damn good cheese.  I got one to snack on throughout the day.

The first Starbucks.  The man playing the guitar made it more awesome.

A view from Pikes Market.

Walking to the Space Needle.

Pioneer Square

Underground Tour to show what were once the main roadways and store fronts of old downtown Seattle

Dinner time.

Good carbs

Even better carbs.