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50 State Challenge Map
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seattle day one

Day one in Seattle started a bit cloudy but quickly cleared up.  Aside from my required packet pickup, my day consisted of an early start to see the sites.

They included Pikes Market, the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, Underground Tour, Pier 50, and of course Serious Pie.  It was a good day capped by seeing my friend Liz for dinner.  I will let my pictures do the talking.  Today (Saturday) was race day.  Race day pics and stats will be up later.

Opened in 1907.  They still use keys.  Yes .. keys.

I waited for 20 minutes to see some flying fish.  No fish were tossed.

Damn good cheese.  I got one to snack on throughout the day.

The first Starbucks.  The man playing the guitar made it more awesome.

A view from Pikes Market.

Walking to the Space Needle.

Pioneer Square

Underground Tour to show what were once the main roadways and store fronts of old downtown Seattle

Dinner time.

Good carbs

Even better carbs.

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