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Monday, June 4, 2012

Minneapolis race day

A great race yesterday, Minneapolis!  Nice job.  And a very nice route.  The hills and I didn't always see eye to eye but that's probably more on me to work out. 

My final time:  1:38:40.  I'm happy with that time and now have three weeks to rest until my next Half in Connecticut.  I think that's good as I'm reevaluating my running calendar and thinking perhaps my Halfs may be too close together.  I say that because I was starting to feel tired and low on energy at around mile seven.  That's not happened before. 

Now, let's be clear.  This could be the result of many things and not necessarily my races being too close.  I did walk a lot yesterday to see the sights which puts a little strain on the legs and feet.  It was rather warm today and maybe I could have hydrated more.  So, this is not to say that a Half every 2-3 weeks is not doable.  But, I'm being cautious.  As everyone knows, I'm always aiming for 1:30 and also want to avoid injury. 

I'll look over my calendar and training routine(s) to see where I can make some adjustments.  This is the third race in a row now I've gone over 1:35 so I may need to tweak the training.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for a nice weekend, Minneapolis.  It was fun.

Up next:  Connecticut (June 24)

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