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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doctor today

So I'm a little less nervous now about seeing the podiatrist today and feeling better after having gone running twice this week.  I went for five miles on Sunday and then four on Tuesday.  My foot is still bothering me a bit, but thankfully not enough to take me off running.  I of course still want to hear what the doctor has to say and take whatever action to prevent this from getting worse.  But, my heel is fine and there's a comfort in knowing it's not so bad right now that I can't even run.  Again, it''s mostly in my arch.  I'll keep icing it, stretching it, and whatever else he tells me I've got to do.

I will be driving to NJ on Saturday morning with Carla and staying at my sister Maria's house.  It's only 62 miles from Jennings Beach (start and finish of the race) so we can leave early Sunday morning to get there by 6:45 for packet pickup.  Race starts at 8:30 and then we'll drive back to NJ after it's over to rest a bit and enjoy Monday with some family.  I took Monday off work so no need to worry about rushing back.

I'll update from the road Saturday and race on Sunday with plenty of pics.  My niece is also heading off to the Naval Academy in Annapolis this month so there may be a little goodbye party Sunday.  If so, there will be plenty of family pics included.

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