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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Connecticut logistics

This is a first.  I was looking for hotels in the area of my Connecticut Half and saw on their site that packet pickup is the morning of the race.  The Half begins at 8:30.  Packet pickup is 6:45 - 8 that morning.  Oh well.  A first for everything and that shouldn't really be an issue if I get there early enough.

I was planning on finding a hotel near the start line in Fairfield.  However, I realized that Fairfield is only 70 miles from my sister's house in NJ.  That's not too bad.  I could make it there in just a little over an hour drive.  This way I could arrive in NJ early Saturday (race is Sunday) and see some family and friends.  I'd then head out around 5 am Sunday morning to my race.  That's more than enough time to get there, find parking, get my bib, and then drive back to NJ after the race.  That actually may be a better option then a hotel at this point. 

We'll see.  A good thing about having a car and family in NJ is being able to take advantage of it geographically when trying to get to races in the Northeast.  I think this will work out nicely. 

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