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50 State Challenge Map
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kentucky race day

A rainy, windy, cold start to the morning today in Lexington.  But, that didn't stop many from coming out for the half marathon.

So many times during the race I wanted to stop to take a picture as it reminded me a lot of West Virginia.  The course was great.  It went through the many sprawling farms of Keeneland that included not only the gorgeous horses they held but also quite a few hills.  The start of the race had just a light drizzle but it eventually gave way to a downpour.  I was able to finish in 1:50.

I wish I had more pics of today but the weather didn't allow for much to do.  I'm going to try to get in some more sites tomorrow before I depart.

Up next:  Salt Lake City, Utah

All the runner behind me

A view in front of me towards the start line
Half marathon/state 30 completed

Steak and eggs at Ramsey's Diner

A little BBQ at Billy's Bar-B-Q

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