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50 State Challenge Map
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Arkansas weekend

A fun day in Little Rock.  It started with a walk down to the River Market District to take some photos and grab lunch. Afterwards I went over to the Clinton Presidential Library before heading back to the market for an early dinner.

The race organizers have already sent an email saying they will "keep everyone posted" on the race tomorrow.  They are saying it is going to be rainy in the morning leading to thunderstorms by noon.  Fingers crossed it is not canceled.

More pics tomorrow of the race and post race festivities.

Arkansas State Capitol Building

Lunch time

Heading to the Clinton Presidential Library

Bill's limo

Bill's chair

Me in Bill's chair

These blue boxes are filled with millions of files from Bill's eight years in office

I of course got here too late right when they were closing.

A horse

Me with the horse

Sun setting over Little Rock

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