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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

California weekend

I've decided to try to dig up photos from the states that I ran a half marathon in prior to beginning my blog.  They are California, New York, and Virginia.  This entry is for California.

I flew to San Francisco in November of 2010 for the US Half Marathon.  This was just prior to my moving from Cleveland to Washington, DC.  A bonus to this trip is that my stepsister Patty and her wife Allison (then girlfriend) were living there at the time. So it was nice seeing both a new city and them.  I really liked San Francisco a lot.  The neighborhoods, weather, culture, people ... it was all pretty great.

I even got a chance to take a trip out to Napa Valley with Patty and Ally for some wine tasting prior to race day.  The weather that day was gorgeous and the tastings a lot of fun.

The race took you through the streets of the city (you want to talk about hills) and over the Golden Gate and back.  Unfortunately, race day was pouring rain so the views from the bridge were not that great.  But, still a fun race.

I wish I had more race day pics in this post but I only have one (last shot).  If I find others, I'll be sure to add them.

Walking the streets of San Francisco


Little Italy

Alcatraz in the Bay

The beach where the race began and ended

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Park

Allison (left) and my stepsister Patty once we arrived at Napa Valley

Race day shot

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