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Friday, October 4, 2013

Government shutdown = no race

I enjoy politics.  Living in DC is perfect for me because politics and current/international events are happening around me all the time.

I decided early on to keep this blog politics free and stick to my travels and races. However, this week politics decided to creep its way into my race life.  We had a government shutdown.  That means our government ceased many of its functions due to lack of funding.  And that includes national parks.  The first eight miles of the Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon runs along the George Washington Memorial Parkway.  That is a national park.  That is now closed.

Below are two letters that all runners received.  Postponement was set for next month, November 10.  However, I will be in Savannah, Ga. that weekend completing that state and race 26 for the year.  So I will be deferring my entry for 2014.

What really bugs me is I signed up to do this with Carla.  She's training for a full marathon.  She needed this as a training run.  Sure, she can go out and knock out 13 miles on her own.  But, it would have been nice to have been part of that training with her to see her get to Philadelphia.

I sure hope our elected representatives can get their acts together. 

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