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Monday, August 26, 2013

Maine race day

Yesterday was race day.  It was a sunny wake up with temps in the cool mid 50s.  It stayed comfortable throughout the morning and proved a gorgeous day for a half marathon.

In the pics you won't see my obligatory bib pic as there isn't one to show.  No bib.  No timing chip.  This was a fun, old fashioned race where you run and simply give your name at the finish for record.  It was certainly a change from standard races with a bib, timing chip, and emergency personnel (police and EMT) along the route.  But, in the end I think it was a nice job by a small organization looking to inspire fitness and raise funds for its camp.  Also, so long as you finish what more do you need, right?

My watch had me clocked at 1:48:10.  I'm happy with that considering how hilly the course was and my overall distraction throughout the race.  This was a picturesque route that displayed both country and ocean views.  My favorite was the turn at Marshall Point Lighthouse.  In the end I could have trained harder for a stronger finish but am happy with my time.

After the race we headed back to the Inn to check out before heading to brunch.  From there it was back to NJ and then onward to DC.

This was a fun weekend with my sister and brother-in-law.  These race weekends are always fun but much more so when you've got great company like them.

Up next:   Kansas

Arriving at the camp

Heading over to the start line

Finish line shot

Brunch time

Salmon with eggs Benedict.  Delicious.

A great weekend

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