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Friday, August 23, 2013

Maine day 1

I'm almost inclined to let the photos just speak for the day.  But, I'll put a little down here to get things started.

A great first day in Maine.  It started with a drive over to historic Camden to see what was described earlier as "a small iconic Maine town."  And they weren't lying.  It's a quaint little town.

Afterwards I wanted to see how long the drive would take from the Inn to Tenants Harbor for race day.  It was pretty quick.  Once at the camp where the race will start, we decided to take a walk down to the water for some pictures.  From there we drove over to Port Clyde to see the famous Marshall Point Lighthouse.  For those of you who are fans of Forrest Gump, it's the lighthouse that he runs up in the running portion of his life.  It's pretty cool.

At that point it was time for dinner so after a quick stop at the Inn to rest we went over to Miller's Lobster Deck.  As you can guess, the lobster was delicious and the views memorable.

Tomorrow we're doing a boat tour to see if we can see some whales.  Then it's race day on Sunday to cap the weekend, before heading back to DC.  More pics to come.

The view I wake up to in the morning

Lunch time

Where the marathon will begin

We found a beach

Marshall Point Lighthouse

Rich and I

Dinner time

Soft shell lobster which we were told was "sweeter" than hard shell.  They were right.

View for dinner

Sun setting

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