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Friday, November 9, 2012

Up next: Maryland

I had a little scare earlier this week when I went to confirm my registration for my December half in Annapolis.  The site did not have me as registered.

The short story is I signed up to run the Annapolis Half in 2011 but could not attend because the organizers decided to change the race date a few months prior.  It fell on a weekend I was out of town.  So I emailed them asking to defer for 2012.  I received a response saying "not a problem" and never heard back.  That was in December 2011.  So naturally I was a bit concerned when I didn't see my confirmation after I was told I had the green light. 

I decided to send a stern - but not rude - email basically saying "yo .. what's going on here??" and all has been fixed.  So we're all set.

There are a few nice things about this upcoming race (Dec. 1).  For starters, it's a quick drive from my apartment in DC.  No need to fly or drive hours to my destination.  I can literally get up the morning of and drive 45 minutes to the race.  Second, my niece is at the Naval Academy in Annapolis so it'll be nice to try to get her to come out and cheer me on.  If not, I'll try to see her after the race.  I also have a good buddy in the area so I'm sure I'll be hanging around Annapolis for a bit post race. 

This will be my last race for 2012.  It's been a great year.  There will be a recap post once the year is over and I'll also be putting up my 2013 calendar soon.  Stay tuned.

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