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Friday, November 2, 2012

New Hampshire arrival

I arrived to a cloudy Manchester this morning to start a marathon weekend and hopefully take some great Autumn photos.

Manchester certainly has the small town feel to it.  A friendly local I met at dinner was Mike.  He's lived in New Hampshire nearly his entire life.  As we chatted about his life growing up here and my weekend plans, I found out that most of the foliage around Manchester is over with.  He tells me the peak season is between September 15 - October 15.  I guess it also doesn't help that I'm here after the worst hurricane in history to ever hit the East coast.  Talk about bad timing.

But, then some good news.  Mike tells me it may not be too late as I could take a drive up north to Lincoln to see The Flume.  Now this can work. 

I'll be heading up there after I pick up my packet tomorrow.  Photos will be up!

Not a bad rental

Manchester is ready for a marathon

Walking through downtown

Historic Manchester City Hall

As a DC resident, it's cool to learn a Marine from Manchester is in the famous Iwo Jima Memorial

Lunch time

Dinner at Portland Pie & Co. (Mike absent)

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