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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Army 10-miler

Today was the Army 10-miler in DC, the largest 10-miler in the United States.  The total number of participants was 30,100.  There were four runners in particular among the crowd that I was interested in seeing.  They would be my very good friends Beth, Teresa, Jeanette, and Lorin.  I ended up heading down to the Memorial Bridge early with Carla to set up camp and wait for them to pass by.  Luckily, we spotted all four of them!  And they looked great.

The weather was perfect for their race today as the morning temps hovered around 49.  A very nice Autumn day.

Heading over to the Memorial Bridge (Army trucks in view)

Arlington National Cemetery

Sun over the Memorial Bridge

At mile 2 waiting for our friends Beth, Teresa, Lorin, and Jeanette

Wheelchair athletes and wounded warriors

Elite runners



  1. Did you run this too, or were you just observing?

    1. I was just observing. I was tempted to but in the end thought I should keep it to my Half marathons and give my body a little break.