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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slow poke

So I had quite an interesting time at the pool last night.  I found one through DC Public Works not far from my apartment that I can go to to do some laps.  It's close and FREE.  Two very appealing aspects. 

I arrive at 6:30 to find most of the lanes taken with doubles sharing.  I waited a bit and eventually someone exited leaving a lane open with a very nice lady doing laps so I ask her to share.  She had a good pace going switching between freestyle and breast stroke.  My kind of lady! 

I jump right in starting with two laps of freestyle and then break real quick (yes, building the swimming endurance) before switching over to my breaststroke.  It was going well.  And then a group of four entered the pool area with each looking to share a lane to "do circles."  I wasn't exactly sure what this meant at first but said sure when asked.  I and my lane neighbor would share the lane for three.  I did one circle with the guy (a real nice guy too) in the lane before I realized I was holding up the works.  To his credit, he simply went around me when coming up from behind but I'm sure it was a bit frustrating.  I mean I was moving pretty slow.  I decided to step out of the lane and wait a bit to see if another lane opened up with someone more my pace.  It never did.  

Maybe I don't know the rules, or rather the etiquette, of sharing lanes yet but the side of me that didn't want to slow down someone's workout took over.  Maybe I was being too nice because then my workout got interrupted (or rather ended).  It seemed most in the pool that day were not on the slower end.  

I'm going to try this again soon and perhaps just keep my pace and not worry so much.  It was interesting though to see these guys swim at a level that I hope to achieve in my workouts.

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