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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A walk down memory lane ...

So I was on Facebook this morning and happen to come across some pics that I thought would be good to put on here.  After all, this is a running blog and these are from a major running event.  They were from the 2008 ING NYC marathon.  Come on.  It doesn't get any bigger than that.

These are not the best but it's all I had.  If I find some running shots from along the race in the archive I'll be sure to post them.  In the mile 18 shot you'll see my very good friends Bill and Carly who came all the way from Cleveland to meet me during this race.  It was awesome.  This was a big event so it was nice to have some friends there.

I finished in 4:13.  I was cruising up until mile 22 when I began to cramp.  At first it was just my calf muscles tightening up and then it turned really bad.  Every muscle in both legs just tightened up.  I stopped and stretched as much as I could but I knew I was losing precious time.  My goal was to come in under 4:00.  Later that evening - after discussing how I ran the race - I realized that I had not stopped at enough water stops to adequately hydrate and get the electrolytes my muscles needed.  I fell victim to the rush of running quickly and seeing my good pace (1:40 Half) getting me to my desired goal.  I would forgo stopping to hydrate in order to not slow down.  A very big mistake that would cost me in the end.

Live and learn!  I've never made that mistake again.  Overall, it was still a great experience to run through NYC and finally say I ran the NYC marathon.

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