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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wyoming day 3 - final

Today was my last day in Jackson Hole.  I started with a little brunch at Lotus Cafe before driving out to Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park. I spent about an hour there.  It was great.

Afterwards I headed back to my hotel to rest up a bit (I was exhausted after this morning's race) before dinner at Bubba's BBQ.  When I say it may be the best BBQ I've ever had I'm not exaggerating. It was that good.  I'm only bummed I didn't discover it sooner.

After dinner I walked to the Contour Music Festival taking place this weekend here in Jackson Hole.  All runners who ran the half marathon were given free entry.  Normally, it's an $80 ticket.  I scored big time.  I hung out there for a while before heading back to the hotel.

It's back to DC tomorrow.  I'm off for a month before flying out to Denver for my next race.

More pics to come then ...


Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park

Dinner at Bubba's BBQ

Contour Music Festival


Sunset to close the trip

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