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50 State Challenge Map
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wyoming day 1

It was a great first day in Jackson Hole.  I was concerned we may be getting rain but it was sunny skies and mid 70s all day.  Perfect.

I started off with breakfast outdoors at Persephone before taking a walking tour of most of Jackson Hole. Afterwards I took the 12 mile drive out to Teton Village to take the aerial tram up Rendevous Mountain to see the top of Teton.  It was a fun ride that offered great views of the mountains. 

I spent about an hour at the top taking photos (a lot as you'll see) before heading back down to grab lunch. 

Tomorrow I'll be spending the entire day in Yellowstone so plenty more pics to come.  Stay tuned ...  

Home for the next few days

Breakfast time at Persephone

George Washington Memorial Park

Driving out to Teton Village

Taking the aerial tram up Rendevous Mountain

Tram ride 

Reached the top of the mountain

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