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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kansas race day

A tough race today.  And I'm not saying the route was challenging with rocky paths and steep hills.  It was actually pretty nice in that it was relatively flat and hilly in a few spots. But, this morning saw me struggle around mile 8 and a stop around mile 11 to walk for about five minutes.

It all comes down to me and putting in more time during the week for my training runs.  It's as simple as that.  So yes I'm a little pissed at myself.  I'll be looking at my training schedule (that I altered a bit last month) to see where adjustments can be made.

I finished in 1:52.  It's not a time to scoff at but it is a bit far the 1:40s I like to see.  St. Louis is up next so this and next month will see more time dedicated to hitting that 1:40 mark again.

The course was nice.  A majority of it ran alongside the Wichita River providing some nice running views.  A few hills throughout, but again nothing crazy like past races.  It finished with some fresh pancakes (which was awesome because she tossed them onto your plate) and a band playing for finishing runners.  A nicely organized race.

This now completes half marathon/state 24.  I'll be flying to St. Louis the weekend of Oct. 25 to officially complete the half way mark of this challenge.  I spoke to my good friend Bill after the race and there's a possibility he'll be meeting me there.  I also have my friend Jon who lives in St. Louis so there will be no lacking of the fun factor.  Anyone reading this who knows Jon knows what I'm talking about.

So it's shaping into a good weekend with friends to kick off the half way mark marathon.

More updates as we approach Oct. 25.

Band setting up

Runners setting up

Running to the finish line

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