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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Taxis, Old Town, dinosaurs, mummies, and Wizard of Oz

Today was an interesting day.  It started with a slight miscalculation as to how far I'd have to commute to pick up my packet.  The venue was 13 miles from my hotel.  I guess I'm used to the venue for packet pick up being not that much further from where the race will be taking place ... so this was a bit different.

I picked up my packet at Johnston's Clothiers (the sponsor of this Half Marathon) which again was a first considering this was a retailer that sold men's suits.  I've never picked up a race packet next to the tie section.

From there I went back downtown to check out the Old Town Marketplace and grab some lunch.  It was a nice day in Wichita so that made for a nice walking tour.  An observation I've made now two days in a row is how quiet downtown Wichita is.  I was around the Old Town area (a popular neighborhood) from 12 - 4 and didn't see the midday crowds I expected.  I thought that a bit interesting.

I also happened to bump into a museum during my walk.  I decided to check it out.  There I saw dinosaurs, mummies, a hall of Presidents, and some Wizard of Oz memorabilia.  You really can't come to Kansas without seeing something Wizard of Oz.

At that point it was time to return to the hotel to relax.  Race starts at 8 am.  I'm grabbing the shuttle from the hotel early to snap some pics.

More to come tomorrow.

A little bit of Wichita history

The corner

Old Town

I really like this wall

Lunch time

Time for some more history

The museum named this T Rex "Ivan"


"Braided Mary"

Abraham Lincoln's cane

You can't come to Kansas and not get some Wizard of Oz time in

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