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Friday, March 23, 2012

Up next: Delaware

It's off to Delaware tomorrow to run the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon.  I like this race because the American Lung Association sponsors it to raise money to fight lung disease through education, research and advocacy.  I like that.

I'm leaving early to get to Greenville to pick up my packet.  Pick up time closes at 2 so we've got to be leaving DC no later than 9.  I think that's a good departure time to be safe.  By we I mean my sister Carla and I.  Her plans for the weekend fell through so she decided to come along to cheer for Team Alberto.  If you're anywhere within the state of Delaware, listen up for the lady screaming her head off around 10 Sunday morning.  That will be her.  She's loud.  Very loud.  We're talking sirens here.

I'll find a good place around the hotel to carb up tomorrow night and be sure to update everyone on how the race went Sunday.  It's in Wilmington, starting at 9:30.  The left ankle is feeling better now after a week of taking it easy.  So I don't think that will be an issue.  The weather does call for a chance of rain but we all know they're not the most accurate.  I'm hoping it passes us by.  As always, I'm gunning for 1:30.

Talk to everyone later on Delaware time.   

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