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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Delaware Half

Thank you Wilmington for a great race!  Finish time:  1:34:28 (Pace: 7:13)

I'd say this was certainly a Half that sided more on the hills than the flats. It was hilly and according to commentary that my sister heard from others crossing the finish line, many agreed.  If you're looking to work on this aspect of your run, this is the race for you.

The race began with opening commentary from Senator Tom Carper.  This was actually his 30th Caesar Rodney Half Marathon.  I'll say that's impressive. The race is often described as "the granddaddy of Delaware road races" and clearly Senator Carper is a big supporter.  Very cool.

It was a great route starting in downtown Wilmington near Rodney Square, and from there heads out for stretches along Brandywine Creek and the river, including stretches that run past the Russell Peterson Wildlife Refuge, Brandywine Park and Rockford Park. You finish the race just a few blocks from where you start, at Rodney Square.  It was nice to see Carla at mile six and of course the finish.  I capped the race with a high five that I'm hoping was caught by the finish line photographer.  If so, I'll be sure to post it.  I think it'll be pretty awesome.

I placed 188 out of 1100.  Here are the splits.  I ran the 3 mile in 20:45 (pace: 6:55), 10 mile 1:12:08 (pace 7:13), and overall, 1:34:28.  I haven't been good in including these in my posts, but I'll be sure to provide them in future races.

The weather held up with only a light drizzle throughout the morning.  It was a cool 47 degrees at 9:30 once the Half started.  I was happy with that.

Up next:  New Mexico. 

I fly to Albuquerque April 20 for the Half in April 21.  So I've got a little break.  As always, I'll be gunning for 1:30.  The elevation above sea level ranges from 4,900 - 6,700 so I am a bit concerned about that.  I'm going to do some research to see what - if anything - I can do to alleviate the effects.  

A great weekend.  Thank you, Wilmington.

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