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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boston vs. Cape Cod

I was recently chatting with my sister and good friend Teresa about Massachusetts.  The conversation came about after I was reviewing my 2012 running calendar and thought maybe I could get a couple more Halfs in.  October looks good.  There are a couple of races in October in Massachusetts that I can calendar but wasn't sure on which.  One is in Boston and the other Cape Cod.  Now, I've never been to Massachusetts and my immediate inclination was to go with Boston.  And then I started to read about the Cape Cod Half and looking at photos from along the route.  It's a beautiful course and one which Runner's World calls among the "ten most scenic in the United States."  And then my sister hit me with a great point.

I plan on visiting Boston - and most likely my first time - when I qualify to run in the Boston Marathon.  If I sound overly confident, it's because I am.  You have to qualify to run in this marathon.  And I came close in my last marathon when I finished in 3:18.  That was the Marine Corp. this past October.  If you're 18-34 you have to finish in 3:05.  If you're 35-39, 3:10.  I'm thinking between now (I'm 33) and 39 I'll be able to hit the 3:10 mark.  When that happens, that's when I'll visit Boston.

I'm signing up for Cape Cod.

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