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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Triple Crown on the way

I received a nice email last night from my friends over at the Rock n Roll Series.  A nice email with a great twist.

The email was a congratulatory email on completing my third Half this year (Rhode Island) under the RnR Series.  My immediate thought .. Rhode Island was my third?  I thought Rhode Island was my second after Chicago.  So I go back to my 2012 calendar and found that I forgot to count the DC Half back in March.  That too was a RnR Half.  So the order of RnR Halfs this year actually goes DC, Chicago, Providence, and now Philadelphia.

This means their email not only informed me that I've got a Triple Crown medal on the way (and my memory sucks) but that I've also qualified for the Grand Slam medal having completed my fourth RnR Half this past weekend.  

Sweet!  Pics will be posted once I've received them.

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